The Need for Karr Alarm Systems

Many car today require a sophisticated anti-theft system, such as Karr Alarm Systems, which can provide them a good sense of security. Almost all cars today feature high tech components which are expensive too. Needless to say, it would be foolish of you to be careless about the security of your car. In today’s world, safety and protection is very important for automobiles and vehicles. Keeping up with the latest security technology allows you to stay one step ahead of the thieves. You can get security systems from Karr with different add-ons and modules. Your budget as well as your requirement will define the cost which you will have to bear to keep your car from getting stolen.

Salient Features of the Security System

All of the anti-theft system for cars feature a siren alarm in case an intrusion is detected. Some systems also lock the steering wheel or immobilize the engine as an added layer of security. However, the people who are experts in breaking into cars are also discovering new ways to cheat the security systems or to shut them down. Karr alarms go one step further and includes feature such as silent GPS tracking; so even if the thief is successful enough to hack through all kinds of security on the car, the owner of the car will be able to track the real time position of his vehicle.

Fighting Against Car Thefts

These alarms have been designed to detect forced intrusion, any physical blow to the car as well as car lock picking. In case there is any suspicious activity detected by the system, the car starts honking at full volume. The alarm systems can only be deactivated by a secure key which is only with the owner; contrary to many popular hacking devices which can deactivate any car system security by sending the right signal at the right frequency, Karr alarm systems use advanced technology to ensure that only the owner of the car gets rightful entry to the vehicle.


Many car dealers are bundling their cars with free Karr alarm systems to improve their customer satisfaction. The dealers only install a good alarm system and also get it tested in the workshop for most of the real life scenarios. In case you are buying the alarm system with advanced features like GPS tracking and engine immobilizer, it is best to scout for local car accessory dealers. Security system from Karr are reputed and dependable products which deliver high customer satisfaction.

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